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Our Tinder version features:

Tinder Plus
Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold are subscription versions that open access to premium features such as unlimited likes in the event of unexpected gusts of the heart; Passport, thanks to which you will get to know users from all over the world; Second chance, that is, the option to cancel your choice; once a month one free Boost.
Tinder Gold
Thanks to the Tinder Gold version, you also gain access to the Likes You feature, which will tell you who has liked you before you start searching. Imagine that it's your personal concierge for likes who are available 24 hours a day, bringing you steam on a gold tray!
Daily Updates
For your security and continuous application, we update our files every day, so you do not have to worry about losing your premium account, the application works without interruption and updates automatically, you do not have to download it anew each time, you just have it installed and you are connected to the internet.

about tinder

The Tinder application was created in 2012 as the idea of five people: Joe Munoz, Sean Rada, Jonathan Badeen, Chris Gulczynski and Whitney Wolf. In English, the word tinder means an inflammatory point. The application has literally kindled people.

Tinder - the characteristics of the dating application

Tinder is a dating application that works on iOS and Android operating systems. In the basic version it is free, which translated into its huge popularity. In 2018, Tinder parried about 20 billion couples. In this case, you can pair with many people at the same time. Tinder works in 24 language versions, also in Polish.

Tinder is a dating application, not a dating site. Used to connect between the virtual world and the real world. The classic portals are focused on online conversation, and Tinder is meant to be a way to quickly move from the world of the Internet to offline reality. This is the SoLoMo application that effectively combines social, location and mobile elements. In this case, in the standard version candidates selected from a given user are selected for a maximum of 160 kilometers.

Using Tinder is very easy. The profiles of different people are displayed to the user. By moving to the right, they are accepted, and shifting to the left means their rejection. In the event of mutual acceptance of two people, there is the possibility of a private conversation in the chat, and then transfer from the application to real life.

Tinder Plus - characteristics

Tinder Gold - characteristics

Interestingly, subscriptions to both Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold can be resigned only after the first month of use. However, you must remember to cancel it, otherwise it is extended from the machine.

Tinder - what is it?

Tinder is nothing more than a dating application, most often used to find a partner for one evening or for passing acquaintances. It happens that some people find love for their whole life there. Application developers do not impose top-down how to use the application. Everything depends on the user, his level of personal culture or ingenuity. On the Internet you can find many love stories referring to the relationship with Tinder.

To create an account on this application, you only need to have an active profile on Facebook. Typically, the app connects directly to the account, so it directly downloads some basic information or photos. Having already information about the user, you can set the distance in which potential partners or partnerships or sexual orientation should be. If the user wants to get to know the person - in this case he drags the profile to the right, if not - to the left. It is only when the other person reciprocates interest that you will receive a notification saying "It's a match!". In this case, you can start flirting.

Tinder Plus

Like most dating apps, there are basic and premium versions. Tinder Plus is an additional paid subscription that reveals new opportunities for the user, and includes:

  1. unlimited likes (in case of unexpected, faster heartbeat)
  2. withdrawal of the last like or rejection
  3. option to use 5 times one day of the Super Like option
  4. once a month the chance for free Boost, or making the most popular user in the area
  5. the ability to view profiles from all over the world, without limits of kilometers

This is the best option for people who do not want to use the basic version of the application, who like to travel around the world map, or those undecided, who can be saved many times by withdrawing their liking or rejecting a person's profile. At the moment when someone falls into the eye, it is worth using the Super Like option, and in the Tinder Plus version it can be used up to 5 times in one day. The cost of this option is PLN 39.99 per month, PLN 129.99 for the period of six months, or PLN 204.99 for 12 months. As you can see - this option is not the cheapest.

Tinder Gold

Tinder Gold is the highest application extension available today. It offers mostly the same as the Plus version, but in a slightly enlarged version. There is still the possibility of free Boost once a month, the option of browsing profiles from around the world or the "second chance", ie withdrawal of the last move, too hasty rejection of the profile, or too fast fondness. In addition to the higher costs a potential premium buyer must incur, Tinder Gold also offers the option of checking in advance who liked the profile.

In the case of the premium version, the cost per month is currently PLN 134.99, the version for 6 months costs 83.33 per month, and the version for 12 months - 55.83 per month. As you can see, it is a really expensive option, but you will certainly find yourself willing and at such high costs to only find a potential partner for one evening, or love for life.

Tinder - cancel subscription

Canceling a subscription is often not combined with a possible reimbursement of expenses already incurred. There are, however, exceptions to the rule, and you can apply for a refund if you request a refund for a subscription of Tinder Gold or Tinder Plus within 14 days of the booked transaction date or if the law of your residence requires reimbursement. In this situation, it is worth looking into the application regulations to get detailed information. If you cancel your premium subscription and you are unable to refund, you can use the purchased Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold package for the remaining paid time. Removing the application will not cancel the subscription.

If you wish to cancel your subscription, iOS users are advised to:

  1. enter the iPhone settings
  2. choose an option with your name and surname
  3. then enter iTunes and AppStore
  4. you should choose the Apple ID option, then "Show Apple ID"
  5. scroll down and find "subscriptions"
  6. choose a subscription in which you want to apply changes
  7. choose the "cancel subscription" option

For smartphones with Android, it looks a bit different, in the case when you subscribe using an account in the Google Play store:

  1. go to
  2. check if the account being logged in is correct
  3. choose the "my subscriptions" option on the left
  4. then choose which subscription you want to cancel
  5. choose "manage" option, then "cancel subscription"

However, if you pay with a credit card, it will look different:

If you use the browser version, please: